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Ways to Support SiteImages

Site Images, Inc. depends on the generosity of its friends and sponsors to continue to develop projects that enrich the community. With your help, we are able to give back to the art community, and the following projects are just a few ways we continue to make a difference::

In 2010, we have included the Oil Spill of 2010 in the Gulf Coast Echo initiative. Site Images goal now is to keep alive the memory of a world-famous regional culture and lifestyle that has been wiped out. We will not forget them.

In 2008, the Gulf Coast Echo project made its debut when the World Economic Forum invited the photo collection to its Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. With this project, we hope to remind the world of the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina and the unique culture the world lost as a result of the storm.

Since 2001, Paula Barr Chelsea has be operating a project space in the West Chelsea Arts Building. We have hosted more than 50 events of established and emerging artists.

In 1995, Site Images went to Mobile, Alabama to complete the largest photograph in the world in the Mobile Infirmary Medical Center.

Site Images, Inc. also tries to sustain an eco-friendly environment, here in our Project Space in Chelsea. We are currently putting together a completely electronic Chelsea Biennial Art Exhibition 2011. We hope that by setting an example for our supporters and community we can help spread the Green Movement. After all, where would the art world be without the beauty of Nature? The Green Movement strives to protect Nature and help it stay beautiful longer.